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About us

Caprabianca, was born in 2016, as a new brand of snowboards entirely handmaded in Italy, it begins with an idea of ​​three guys from the province of Rome that decided to turn this sport into something more than just a passion.

Caprabianca is a new, all Italian, brand of handcrafted snowboards and snowboarding clothing that has been developed from the idea of Luca, Lorenzo and Emanuele, three friends who live in Rome province. Being a long time winter sports fans over the years we have been accumulating more and deeper knowledge of techniques and equipment. Tired of riding with the “commercial” snowboards, we made deep research of high-quality handcrafted board with the intention to bring to your feet an unique product of its kind, entirely made in Italy with the best materials available on the market.

The foundation of Caprabianca

The goat, in spite of all the fallacies, is a very smart and curious animal.

The goat is very important for snow lovers: it helps men that live in hostile and disadvantaged situations browsing shrub-life flora on the mountains. It prevents the snow from growing on dry plants, in order to avoid avalanches.

Have you ever seen a goat climbing an impossible rock? We have.

Even dreaming of a got has an interesting meaning. The goat can’t stand barriers or boundaries and it tends to go in rough places; so it means that the dreamer has a big love for freedom and he’ll be ready to face any ostacle to defend its freedom.

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