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Always the mandala is associated with something spiritual, artistic and therapeutic. There is the concept behind of this board realization that able to ensure you the best feeling on any type of surface.
It definitely can’t stay unnoticed this board will guarantee your sensorial comfort.

If you want a Goat with a different color in the bottom just ask. Contact us 🙂

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Mustache Profile: Central camber and rocker on the tips. Pure Twintip with traditional camber profile up to about 20cm from the tip tip / tail and final symmetrical rocker. This profile ensures highly stable grip on the track (even after several spritz at the lodge), an excellent flotation in snow powder and an extra pop to fast kick exit.


To ensure excellent strength and excellent weight / reactivity ratio is based on sandwich model, poplar core and beech from tip to tail, triaxial fiberglass structure balanced with reinforced transparent matrix.
To get without worries at any slope, rock, iron and tree, the laminae 49 HRC  2 x 2.2 mm section with antivibration and sides in ABS rubber tips ensure a vibration reduction also on the most treacherous descents.
To ride by leaps and bounds with smoothness and don’t care of  the bums on the slope solution is:  sintered Isospeed 7500 Base.

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