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Picco (Peak).

Without any words the peak has always been a goal, in snowboarding as well as in the surf, who conquer the peak ride it without any obstacle.
This fish board will satisfy you in every aspect of freeride: from being on track till off-piste descent.

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Fish profile: tip rocker camber set back and tail almost flat. This directional board, characterized by backlog camber, a flat part next to the tip of about 27 cm and rocker in the tip. This profile ensures sealing on track, buoyancy in the sublime fresh snow and a radius of curvature that will allow you to have fun on every slope.


To ensure excellent strength and excellent weight / reactivity ratio it is made on base of sandwich model, core poplar and beech from tip to tail, fiberglass triaxial structure balanced with reinforced transparent matrix. To go without thoughts on any slope, even the once with rocks and trees,  is real with the laminae 49 HRC section 2 x 2.2 mm with anti vibration rubber and hip tips abs guaranteed vibration reduction even on the most treacherous descents. To ride by leaps and bounds with smoothness and don’t care of  the bums on the slope solution is: sintered Isospeed 7500 base.

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