Our first snowboard, our pride.

This year we have redesigned it again, working on an explosive mix of woods that will give you unique vibes, lowered camber to make it even more versatile.

An exclusive Italian handmade construction, with high quality selected woods and materials and a sintered isospeed 9000 base that will guarantee resistance and speed.

La Pura will allow you to have fun and progress in every spot of ​​the mountain.

CamberRocker shape, medium-high flex for extra pop and exaggerated cornering grip.

An italian jewel under your feet.

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Size Effective Edge Nose Width Tail Width Center Width Sidecut Radius (mt) Stance Width Stance rider Indicative (Kg)
148 288 288 6.9
151 292 292 7.1
154 298 298 7.3
157 303 303 7.5
160 305 305 7.7
Size 148151154157160
Effective Edge
Nose Width 288292298303305
Tail Width 288292298303305
Center Width
Sidecut Radius (mt)
Stance Width
Stance rider Indicative (Kg)


Mustache Profilo: Central camber and rocker on the tips. Pure its Twintip with traditional camber profile up to about 20 cm from the tip tip / tail and final symmetrical rocker.
This profile ensures high seal on a track, excellent buoyancy in deep snow (even after a gulash in the chalet) and  an extra pop to fast kick exit.

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