By the first edition it has the Timone remains the favorite Caprabianca to surf every spot of the mountain, from the park to the powder, an exaggerated pop and a train on the slopes. She is light, reactive and with an immediate feeling, have we changed anything? absolutely not, except for the base, which is even more performing. ⚡️⚡️

Reactivity and precision, thanks to the three distinct flex zones, it will guarantee you fun and safety. Let yourself be surprised by the grip on the slopes and the maneuverability in the park.

✔️ Microcamber profile with 2/3 rocker on tip and tail, ✔️ medium/high flex ✔️ super reactivity guaranteed by two carbon strips positioned parallel between the bindings, ✔️ isoSpeed 7700 sintered base, ✔️ inserts anti-vibration.

Illustration by Pascal ?

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Size Effective Edge Nose Width Tail Width Center Width Sidecut Radius (mt) Stance Width Stance rider Indicative (Kg)
148 293 293
151 294 294
155 298 298
158 302 302
Size 148151155158
Effective Edge
Nose Width 293294298302
Tail Width 293294298302
Center Width
Sidecut Radius (mt)
Stance Width
Stance rider Indicative (Kg)


Microcamber profile with a 2/3 rocker on nose and tail, middle range Flex board for a simple surfing, reactivity ensured by 2 carbon stripes in parallel between the binding mounts. ISO7500 base sintered.


Pure twintig, microcamrock profile, carbon insert, ISO speed 7500 bottom, backup triaxial fibre, 2×2,2 foil, anti-vibration rubber, poplar and beech sandwich building, 100% Made in Italy.

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